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Monday, February 21


I have noticed lately that I try to overload myself with pagan stuff when I am busy. Its like I feel bad for not spending time with my personal path, so I start becoming really attatched to my pagan podcasts, I start thinking of new ideas for tools or journals I need, think of things to research, and decide on a billion new books to read. Then, when things calm down, I find I have spent ungodly amounts of time listening to podcasts, started about 5 books and haven't gotten more than a few chapters of each book actually read, and started many many todo lists that haven't even been touched. On top of this I will have a portion of a grimoir or something similar printed up, and not know why I even started it because my beliefs don't even mirror the information that I printed out. It is all research I may never use. By that time, I can't even figure out how to pull everything back together. I can't be the only one that does this. My current goal is to get a project going that I don't have to restart every time I do this. I decided to put together on book, or volumes hehe, of research that I will have reguardless of what I am interested in researching at the time. I am hoping dividers will help... but the problem is, I am not around my computer long enough to work on it. I have these great ideas, but no time at the computer to put it all when I figure this delima out I will let you know... anybody have any ideas on this?

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