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Thursday, October 28


Alright time for a real entry! Well, at least a short one.

Samhain is coming up and I thought I would throw out my ideas for alter set up. On holidays, even if I don't have time for a full on ritual, I take some time to reset my alter. I change the seasons appropriatly or change out a few things depending on time of the year. So, I got to thinking, if Samhain is the beginning of the year, why not use it for the new things you have been wanting on your alter?

Personally, I will use this holiday to make some small coin like objects out of clay where I can put some cheap and easy symbols on my alter that others might not find so useful. Also, I have had a wand waiting to be made. I didn't realize it was waiting for the perfect piece of wood, which I found a few weeks ago, so what better way to start a new year than with new tools!

I always try to add a small pumpkin and some gourds to my halloween alter. My cloth will be spider webs. Maybe if I feel like it I will put up a novelty tombstone or two. Point is, be creative with your alter! Let the holiday speak to you. Don't let your. Alter get barren or loose its energy from neglect in your busy life when a small reboot a few times a year does the trick. Light some incence and candles in you can, and have a blessed Samhain!

Monday, October 25


Why can't I write more often? Oh that's right, it's my last semester of college and I took 20 hours! That being said, don't be upset with me that I don't update more...

I am starting a meetup group in my area and will have to see how that turns out.

Samhain is coming up! Look for a special Samhain post soon!

PLEASE let me know what you want me to talk about, or else it's just a shot in the dark!

I will try to start doing mini-updates from my phone when I am bored. Let me know what you think!