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Thursday, December 29

Everyday herbs - Salt

New segment!

Salt is something that we use in magic as well as in daily life. But do we really think about its use when we add it to a meal? Here is a simple way to add magic into your daily life. Next time you pick up a salt shaker, think about what you are adding to your food. Food is grounding, it keeps us connected to the earth. While salt is grounding in the same way as any other food in this context, it has much more to it. Salt can be healing - it is used in cold remedies when you use a salt water spray or for your throat. But magically can it not be use in the same way? Consider this. Most of the water in the world contains salt. If water is healing since it washes away impurities, salt that is found in water or from deposits where once was ocean should have the same properties. If anything, salt enhances that natural tendancy of water by absorbing negativity. Personally when I want to cleanse a particularly tainted tool for magical use, I will put it in a bowl of salt. Consider this next time you buy salt at the store and don't know wheter to get iodized or sea salt.

Aside from the obvious, here are a few other uses for salt you may not have thought of. Salt is white, thus a symbol of purity. This ties back to its ability to absorb negativity. Some people add salt to their coffee to make it less bitter. If you do this, when you add that pinch of salt to your coffee in the morning, bless that coffee through the salt to start your day with purity. The fresh brewed coffee brings a fresh start aided through the purity of the salt. A simple reminder is all it takes.

Salt also bonds together, though that bond is easily broken. Here is an idea for a simple spell to remove negativity from your life. Pour some salt in a clear or black vessel and add water to cover it. Place this by your bed. If desired, burn a black candle beside it for 30 minutes before you sleep to pull in negativity. Disclaimer, don't leave it burning when you fall asleep! You can say something such as 'Negativity absorbed from my life will release me from it's hold.' Do this for three nights, or until the water is dissolved. The salt should for a solid, or at least part of it should be in a clump. In the sunlight if you can, take that clump of salt and say something like 'as negativity builds up, it takes control of my life. As this negative influence in my life is broken up, may the negativiy in my life be broken up as well.' Crumble the salt clumps so that the salt is no longer bonded. If you wish to dissolve it completely you may, or throw it to the wind to release the negativity.

Perhaps one of these ideas can help you.


Just some curious thoughts rumbling around in my head today. Why do we hold a double standard from dressing in the clothes of a different gender? For example, if a man wears a skirt, it is still a skirt, but if a woman wears a kilt, now its a skirt. This occured to me when I was discussing with my male best friend and my boyfriend that I wanted a kilt. They both informed me that if I wore a kilt, it would just be a skirt. The annoyance here I am sure comes from years of seeing men's costumes and thinking how unfair it was that the coolest costumes could not be worn correctly by women. A tunic falls wrong for our build, so being a musketeer or a templar (since I am a RenFest geek) requires a complete re-tooling of the costume. I have since realized that I can deal with that, but it is the everyday clothing that I look at now. As a woman, I have realized I can wear almost anything with the understanding that there is nothing wrong with what I wear, other than it is not fashionable. I wear men's clothing all the time. But if a man goes out in women's clothes, it is odd and always commented upon. Perhaps I am making a too big of deal of something that isn't a deal at all. But to me, I see these fights for everyone to be equal and as a straight person, I have no right to complain. I am the one seen as normal. Is it bad that I want to be seen as different? Perhaps I just want the double standard removed.

Well that is just my little rant on differences for the day.