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Sunday, October 30

Scrying - divination segment

In honor of the season and the thinning of the veil  as it is said, I decided to have the discussion group I run make some scrying mirrors. I myself have never had much luck with scrying, but it is something I have always been interested in. So I provided clear plates and photo frames to be painted. For a twist, I printed out some magickal alphabets to use to paint along the edge of the mirror for those who wanted to add a message. I noticed something about myself in doing this. I was the only one in the group that used the alphabet. I was trying to add magic in the making, while others were using the magic of surroundings and such with the understanding they would add magic when the mirror was consecrated.  Both ways of construction are interesting to me, but I can't help but wonder at the difference. A few others did designs to  add magic as they went, so I just wanted to know some of my readers' opinions on the making of magickal tools. What are some benifits to leaving the tool plain? What are some reasons to dress it up? In either case, I provided to my group a special scrying candle and incense. This was mostly for myself in that I wanted to see if the candle and incense would make a difference. For those interested, the incense was made of blessed thistle, sage, rosemary, and cinnamon. But I guess the whole scrying thing is a mystery to me. I have 2 other 'mirrors' I have made, and a crystal ball. None of these have worked for me. I hope to consecrate my new tool tomorrow, and will have to let you know how it goes. In any case, let me know how you go about scrying. Maybe it will help.

Saturday, October 22

Into the Depths part 1

Into the depths will be our divination segment. Today I am going to talk a little about something new I have been dabbling with. 


Dice can be a quite interesting divination tool. Based on numerology, there is much to be said for reading dice. What little experiance I have had with the dice so far has lead me to believe that dice are very direct, but bring up the most important issues that need to be considered. The cool thing about dice, is you can play with them without raising too much attention. Multi-colored sets or a set of like dice, whatever you have, can suit the purpose. My set I have put together is a set of 15 different types of dice, all of different colors, but I made sure to include at least 3 of each type of die used to make readings more fluid. I have been using 3 or 6 dice per reading, and using my notes on numerology to interpret the dice.

Does anyone else have any experiance with dice? Do you want me to talk more about my methods or the meanings of numerology? Let me know!