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Monday, July 30

Kitchen Witchery Segment - Bread

I can't believe I haven't done a segment on bread yet! Bread is the most versatile food that I can think of to use.  Bread can include a variety of flavors and each different spice you add puts a new element to the already symbolic food. Let's start with the basic bread. At the very least, bread is about growth. In other words this is not a food for banishing or diminishing the bad. Bread is about enhancement. The yeast expands and the dough grows. Because it is made of wheat/flour, bread can be used for prosperity, success, abundance, the basics of home (shelter, food, happiness, etc.) or anything focused on bringing good things into happiness and life. Now, to put specific associations with that base you can add spices. Add sugar and cinnamon for comfort and family. Sage and rosemary for protection. Cinnamon and rosemary for scrying ability. The possibilities are endless. Post your best bread ideas below!

Tuesday, July 3


She threw away her future to be with him.
The bright.
The beauty.
The light.
To the dark below she escapes it all;
Her all too daunting fate.
An abduction?
A rescue.
He knows her heart,
And made it his.
The summer.
A time of joy,
But not for the one who brings it.
Her cold lover,
Far below.
Flowers mask her pain.
Duty to be done,
The world she springs to life
And in the end
Will always drag it back
To the Underworld.
Her dark domain
Her secret seclusion
A Queen to the one forbidden.
But she is his,
And he is hers,
And in drought she hides the tears,
The sun will slay the shadows of her heart.


Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted! Since my last post, I started a podcast with my best friend. Dagon Darkwater and I have a show called Texan Heretics. You should check us out. So...why am I posting now? I am trying to get back into all of the things I had forgotten about and generally have been slacking on. I am still on the internet, but the podcast has made it where I rarely think about doing anything else on the wide world of the internet. So, if I slack of here again, you know where to find me ( but, I encourage you to instead find me here and post that you want to hear from me! This will keep me motivated. Either way, I am trying to stay more active in the things I love. So stay tuned!