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Wednesday, May 4

Dollar Store Witch

It has come to my attention that I get a good deal of my magickal supplies from dollar stores. Don't judge me, I will explain why it's a good plan ;) .

I don't usually go into the dollar store looking for magickal stuff, usually it's just to waste time. But somehow, I almost always end up with something perfect for my practice. Usually it ranges from small containers for oils and herbs, to bowls and chalices for altar work, to various candles, to... well... I have made a complete altar with dollar store material. Point is, it is a cheap way to get what you need when you can't afford the expense that goes hand in hand with magickal workings.

Even if you can afford the fancy stuff, the dollar store provides a wonderful place for disposible resources. Traveling? Decide to do a makeshift ritual? Stop by the local dollar store. You can get candles, incense, a mirror or picture frame if you prefer to set it all on, a lighter or matches, a pocket knife, a toy wand or even a pencil, and a set of bowls (there is a great sized small bowl set of 3 I love to get), and salt, all for about 7.50. That's a whole altar! Athame, chalice, wand, god and goddess representations, even directions can be included, and incense. If you are traveling, pick up a compass too.

Still not seeing the advantage here? Do you make potions of any kind that you brew on the stove but don't want to contaminate your cooking pans with potentially harmful herbs. Get a dollar saucepan. Works like a charm. Haha no pun intended. No herbs on hand and need a quick memory boost? Go by the dollar store and get a container of rosemary from the spice section to sprinkle on your next meal or to add to your water. That's just one idea!

Still not seeing it? I can keep going.

Bottle of carrier oil for homemade herbal oils - $1.
Herbs (anything carried as a normal cooking spice) - $1.
Stuff to plant an herb garden (set of assorted seeds) - $1.
Prayer/spell candles (the glass encased ones) - $1.
Cakes and ale? Cookies - $1 and juice -$1.
Fairy or woman statue to be a goddess representation - $1.
God representation - $1.

Yes, some of these may be a stretch, but hopefully you are getting the idea.

In any case, with a bit of creativity, and a 10 dollar bill, you can get the materials for whatever working you are trying to do.