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Wednesday, April 7


First off, I want to call anyone who reads this to shoot me an email: let me know you are reading and keep me posting! So often I feel like there is no point to post...please prove me wrong. I enjoy writing here, but I want feedback from more than just my Anonymous friend...

So, on to my post that hopefully will make up for my wasted time.

The other day, I was meditation on a ring that I bought not too long ago at a local RenFest. I saw it and immediately had to have it, despite the fact that the fit was a little off, I had no idea where it would fit among the many other rings I wear, and I had no idea why it was appealing to me. The ring has a simple silver spider. I have always been attracted to spiders and only recently decided it must have a religious context for me, although I was unsure of it's true importance. I always connected the spider with the web of life but never took the time to fully explore it.

When I meditate, I tend to focus on the tree of life to take me to a place that reveals what I need to know. An opening will appear and I will follow it to where I need to be. I focused on the spider and wanting to know it's importance. My journey thorough the tree was much shorter than it had ever been before. I found myself in the center of the tree, high above the field I normally end up in. A spider web forms my footing. I talk with the spider who resides there. She told me that I can call her Arachne, since this is the name most comfortable to me, and told me of how she serves much the same purpose as the fates, whom I have always been attracted to. She led me to the web of life and told me of it's magical strengths and that it could be very important to me in time. First, I must complete a project so that I may fully understand the importance of the weaving of life. She told me to make a loom out of a picture frame and from that, weave a long scarf or shawl, however you want to see it. When I have finished, I will understand. She sent me away and I went to talk with my spirit guide (a beautiful sea otter that never talks for long) and I came from my meditation intent on this new project that had been sent to me for a purpose.

So, I got a frame and made a loom. Everything went fine until I started weaving. I am two lines in and let me tell you it is a lot harder than it looks. I know now that the difficulty of the task at hand is why it was given to me. I don't know if I will ever be able to finish it, but I must do my best to try. It is not my place to know everything about the spiritual realm, but I hope that I can somehow finish this project and enrich my understanding of the great Arachne.