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Sunday, November 15

Daily Rituals

As a solitary practitioner, it is often very hard for me to find practices that fit my very eclectic system of beliefs. Because I feel like I have a very personalized system, I think that makes it hard for me to post here with any regularity for the fear that what I may be doing within my own practice may not be necessarily accepted by the majority of the community. Thanks to a friend of mine on Facebook, I recently made myself a pagan rosary and am very proud of the way it turned out. Since I made it, I have been thinking a lot about daily rituals. I haven't read much about them yet, but thanks to the wonderful Sparrow and Mojo at the Wigglian Way Podcast, I found out about the LBRP or Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentacle. I read up on it a little and sense then I have been using it most mornings to remind me to connect with my magic through the day. I have also been making a conscious effort to meditate daily and am still perfecting my use of the rosary I made.

Through my efforts to connect with myself, I have started using more energy work through out the day. Basically, now I am interested in daily rituals and if anyone has references for me to use I would be very thankful.

On that note, I am having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas for posts. Please comment and let me know what you want to hear about. If there is a topic you have been putting off researching or whatever, pitch it to me and I will see if I can figure something out. I want to see what I can learn and it would defiantly help if the topics were interesting to others as well.

Sunday, November 8


Today, it rains. The Goddess welcomes the God's nourishment and their union is continued.

I know I am not keeping up with this well, but I feel there is no point to write if the mood is not there. Then I would be writing about something no one wants to hear about.

So, since it's raining here, I am going to talk about my religious views on rain.

Rain surrounds the earth with the water element, bringing balance back to the world. I have found that rain is an awesome opportunity for meditation. The balance rain brings is a wonderful chance to find balance in my own body. Just going to my sacred space and talking to my animal guide or even just exploring the space the come to grips with my vision of reality is enough to keep me energized and fulfilled for sometimes weeks after.

Just wanted to share the wonder that rain brings my life. Hoping this helps anyone that actually reads....please follow and comment. Let me know I am not alone. What is your favorite way to relax and connect to the universe?