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Saturday, November 13


So, today I have begun to formulate a theory that there aren't only 5 elements, but ten. And more so, there is a heirarchy to the extent that one element can mix and combine with any element below it but cannot on its own doing contain any of the elements above. I will have to add a diagram later, but here is the basic idea in logical order, not in the order the elements actually exist in. First off we have our four basic elements that make up the earth. Air makes up the atmosphere of the planet. It mixes with Water that resides mainly on the surface of the earth. Then we have Earth itself that forms our crust. The earth melds with Fire to form the mantle. Now, the next part gets a little trickier. We say the core or the earth is solid. However, I suggest this cannot be just another layer of earth. There has to be something we don't yet understand. That lack of understanding leads the core to be percieved as solid because there is a boundry we cannot yet cross because we cannot understand its contents. Now, going back out from earth, we see that earth moves within a concept of Time. There is an individualized concept of time for each planet based on its rotation around its orbit thus time cannot be an overarching constant. It is the idea that time itself manifests in each planet that makes it an element. Next, we see that the earth and every other mass has a relative position in Space. The material that occupies that space cannot define space because the space is a relative location and thus an element unto itself. Only after we see these constructs of the universe can we delve into the idea of Deity. There is a greater power that sets everything in motion and maintains it. We have no way of understanding this element, other than to say it is our ultimate authority. However, I suggest there is something greater. Once we wrap our minds around our concept of deity, we continue to seek knowledge beyond that authority that we seem to grasp the concept on. Because of this, the ultimate element becomes Thought which transcends all else. Now, you might be thinking, "wait a minute Franchesca, that's only 9!" And you would be right. There is one more element that makes up our very existance. This is the element of Life. Life is what runs through every being, including plants and sometimes even objects which we normally perceive to be lifeless. Life has to transcend earthly understanding however or the concepts of spirits remaining on the earth after death would not be possible. Therefore on our hiearchy, life has to exist someplace outside of earth. Since time comes next, we have to look at life in terms of time. All life has an eventual beginning and end where it comes into and leaves any sort of existance, therefore life is above the elements of that make up earth, but below the constraints of time. So, in order, we have the unknown, fire, earth, water, air, life, time, space, deity, and thought.

Wednesday, November 3


Elements - the forces that make up the universe (fire, water, air, earth, deity)

Deity - the 'One' (combination of masculine and feminine) power that rules, creates, maintains, and changes all of existance

Goddess - feminine portion of the One
God- masculine portion of the One

A goddess - some aspect of the Goddess
A god - some aspect of the God

Magick - the attempt to change circumstances and influeence in the universe, which reflects upon reality

Magic - a change in appearances within reality

Monday, November 1


The ability to listen to ideas contrary to your own without judgement. Wheter the idea is appealing to you or not, it is our place to listen and support others, even when we think what they are saying is complete shit. If you believe you fly on fairy wings, more power to you. All I know for sure is I am stuck on the ground. I can try and find out how you fly, or reject your idea as silly, but either way I listened, considered its possibility, and did not belittle you for ideas that do not correspond with mine.


A communication between human and supernatural powers. This can be mental, vocal, or any type of connection that portrays human emotions, understanding, requests, and even worship to a higher power. Any higher power.


Anything calling upon and directing energy toward a specific purpose. This includes certain types of prayer and meditations dedicated to changing the world around us for a wished outcome.

What is a witch?

A witch is anyone, male or female, that practices magic in the context of a nature based religion. Comments?

Looking back

So, samhain didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped, but somehow it all worked out. The clay I was using for my alter pieces didn't feel like cooperating, so I did not get to make anything. A few minutes into the ritual I was persuaded by divine influance to have only a short ritual so that I could pay attention to school work instead. I followed directions and felt wonderful about it. So, not onlt did I get my homework done, I got to bed at a sort of reasonable time.

Now I want to speak about juggling responsibility with religion like I had to do yesterday. Mundane life does not mean it is less important. When your life is too busy for a full ritual, that's okay. The gods understand, they are busy too. Light a candle or incence with purpose if you can, a short apology, and take care of business. The important thing to remember is balance I your life and the mundane is just as important as the sacred because it allows for life to continue. So don't stress or think that the mundane gets in the way. All aspects of your life should coexist, not create strife and stress. Time for the divine is great, but don't make it something you have to do, and don't let the stress keep you down!

Looking back

Well, my samhain ritual didn't exactly go as predicted. The clay I was using didn't want to cooperate, so none of my tools got made. I had no trick or treaters, which I found a little sad, and I had to cut my ritual short.

Thankfully, it was not my own will that cut the ritual short, but the divine. I had homework to