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Wednesday, February 9


Yep, I missed Sunday again.

But, I just got a spark of inspiration! There was a man on the bus, who at first I was trying to ignore. He would not stop talking and I wanted to be content with the podcast I was listening to. After awhile, his attention turned to me, and I had to listen to this man's story. It was partially through this conversation that I realized he was very insightful. It was like he was a character from the movie Waking Life, imparting his life knowledge on anyone who would listen. I see a lot of people on the bus that talk, but this man actually had something interesting to say. Basically, he was reminding me to enjoy life. How often do you get to be reminded by a total stranger out of the blue of what you need most in life? I guess the point is don't judge so much. Someone you think is only a bother, or unstable, could be the person you need to talk to.

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