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Wednesday, April 20

Overworked and Under Funded

I am not going to apologize for my absence, since I only do what I can. I will say however that there is no longer a guarantee that I will post on any sort of regular basis, especially since my last attempt to get ya'll keeping me on track didn't work ;).

Recently I have taken a turn in my spiritual life. Since I am so busy in my mundane life, studying religion in my free time is not something that I find enjoyable right now. Because of this, I have decided that for me, at this point, religion is something that helps me relax. I have been working on craft projects that go along with my practice in order to keep me practicing in an off hand way, as well as preparing me for the times ahead when I will be able to do ritual again.

This creative streak has caused me to put block in my bed and call it a stress free zone, start working with oils again to make my home smell peaceful, and put together a morning ritual based on decorated felt. I have also been working on an additional traveling altar, and a home made pentacle that will take quite some time to place on my altar. I have other small projects going on as well, and all of this together is somehow keeping me from going insane amidst all my stress.

Basically, I am now working 7 days a week and don't know how I am accomplishing everything without the aide of time travel.

Would it help if I actually put certain segments in the blog for you the readers to look forward to? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Clearly, your only hope is to master time travel asap! Failing that though, I think putting your spiritual knowledge to good use by using it to relax and recharge is wonderful, and certainly constructive! All those other projects will happen when the time is right (and when you have more time!), so don’t stress about them just yet… Enjoy, and good luck with the time travel 


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