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Monday, July 30

Kitchen Witchery Segment - Bread

I can't believe I haven't done a segment on bread yet! Bread is the most versatile food that I can think of to use.  Bread can include a variety of flavors and each different spice you add puts a new element to the already symbolic food. Let's start with the basic bread. At the very least, bread is about growth. In other words this is not a food for banishing or diminishing the bad. Bread is about enhancement. The yeast expands and the dough grows. Because it is made of wheat/flour, bread can be used for prosperity, success, abundance, the basics of home (shelter, food, happiness, etc.) or anything focused on bringing good things into happiness and life. Now, to put specific associations with that base you can add spices. Add sugar and cinnamon for comfort and family. Sage and rosemary for protection. Cinnamon and rosemary for scrying ability. The possibilities are endless. Post your best bread ideas below!

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