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Monday, November 1

Looking back

So, samhain didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped, but somehow it all worked out. The clay I was using for my alter pieces didn't feel like cooperating, so I did not get to make anything. A few minutes into the ritual I was persuaded by divine influance to have only a short ritual so that I could pay attention to school work instead. I followed directions and felt wonderful about it. So, not onlt did I get my homework done, I got to bed at a sort of reasonable time.

Now I want to speak about juggling responsibility with religion like I had to do yesterday. Mundane life does not mean it is less important. When your life is too busy for a full ritual, that's okay. The gods understand, they are busy too. Light a candle or incence with purpose if you can, a short apology, and take care of business. The important thing to remember is balance I your life and the mundane is just as important as the sacred because it allows for life to continue. So don't stress or think that the mundane gets in the way. All aspects of your life should coexist, not create strife and stress. Time for the divine is great, but don't make it something you have to do, and don't let the stress keep you down!

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