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Wednesday, August 19


In yesterday's post I made this blog seem like it was going to be all
educational and religious. In all honesty, I can't keep my life out of
things so this will also probably be a very good place to find out
about me as a person. For example, today I saw a friend I hadn't seen
in six years. She is mainly the reason I used to be a very devout
Christian. Seeing her today reminded me that things may change in our
lives, but we as people still hold those core values we grew up with
and will always hold as a part of our being. Just because we are
different people didn't mean we had grown apart. Even after so long of
barely keeping in touch, we were still close. It's amazing how that
works. There are the people your life that are unforgettable...and
those that you can't forget simply because they complete you.

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