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Wednesday, September 23


Yesterday was Mabon, and it was absolutely amazing. In my part of the world, the Goddess chose to bless us with much needed rain, that is continuing as I write this. I have been meaning to add some things I wrote to this but haven't had time to type them up, but I should be able to in the next few days. As far as why Mabon was so wonderful for me, I finally got some of my practices down into a ritual form. For the first time I actually Incorporated signs of the season in my alter and I cannot believe how much more open and powerful it makes it feel. Also, I learned that I rely heavily on my Athame, despite the fact I own two wands, and that bells are essential for my practice. There are currently 5 on my alter and there will be another added when the Sun God is reborn. I added some bottles to my alter to be used as spell keepers in a more everyday way since I tend to think it requires me to go out of my way to cast a spell even though I have had better results when I don' any case, I am learning that the simple stuff that I pick is often more influential in my practices than the more expensive items that I failed to listen to their energy. I bought my first pendulum at the Renaissance Faire and picked it up simply because I thought I needed one. It did the job, but yesterday I finally tried a pendulum that I bought a few months ago based on it's energy. The change was amazing. Over all I learned from all of yesterday that we need to listen to the spirits that guide us and go with energies because in the end that will be the best and only real choice.

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