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Wednesday, November 7

Magic in Unlikely Places

Lately I have been having an interesting time finding 'magical' objects where I least expect them. What struck me the most was a nice gift my mother gave me. My mom gave me a necklace with an arrowhead on it. I don't think she could have possibly known what this would mean to me. Because of my mom's gift, I now have a wonderful athame/energy pointer that I can wear and thus have with me anywhere. Plus, my mom made it, so I have an object with the power of the person I came from. Lately I have been wanting objects of my grandmas, but didn't consciously consider my mom. She did it for me. So, super awesome magical object on my neck!

I also found something I thought I had lost for good when cleaning out a storage area. When I got my university ring, I decided I wanted a ring with my magical name engraved and did so with a thumb ring. I lost it awhile back, before I moved from my last place. When I moved, I thought it was gone. So it is nice to have it back.

Lastly, I had been wanting a staff, but hadn't thought too much about where it would come from. I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival with some friends a little over a week ago. I knew they had walking sticks, but figured they were always expensive and they wouldn't have something I could make my own. Dagon (my best friend) and I both found sticks that were rather plain, so most people wouldn't even consider them for magic.... we are going to most likely attach talismans to them and such, but it's amazing that we found them when and where neither of us could have guessed our staffs would come from.

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