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Saturday, September 29

Divination Segment - Spirit Boards

I have never used a spirit board. I have never really been interested in them until more recently. The most popular spirit board is the Ouija board. Ouija boards are sold commercially as a game. When using spirit connection as a game, spirits that would otherwise best be ignored are called to the idea of messing with someone who is just trying to contact something. For this reason, even when using protection, I do not recommend working with the Ouija board. This specific board has a stigma to it and all of those negative associations can effect the outcome of the readings you might do with it.

However, I do believe a spirit board that is made in a different pattern can be very useful. Of course, any time you are asking for help from the spirits, it is a good idea to have some sort of protection. Be it an amulet you can call on if something happens, or a full blown circle, or of course anything in between, it couldn't hurt to be cautious.

If you are really ambitious, it would work best to make your own board. If you put your own energy and intent to something, it is easier to use it in the way you prefer. If you have a certain deity you call for protection, you can add a representation to them to your board. Make an inscription stating that this board can be used only to speak with those who have good and helpful intentions and that any entity must leave when the conversation is over. The possibilities are endless, but as with anything in magic, putting personal energy into something will always lead to a better result.

Have you ever used a spirit board? What was your experience like? Do you have any suggestions for people like me that have never used a spirit board? Please add your comments below!

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