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Wednesday, September 19

Divination Segment - Pendulums

So I have been doing some research on pendulums lately, just because, and I have realized something very interesting. I am not sure why I never noticed it before. Pendulums especially, but really any sort of divination if you think about it, accesses your subconscious for answers. If you do not specify in a divination sitting what power you want to speak to, in the end you are just talking to yourself.

Pendulum specific. A pendulum doesn't have to be anything fancy. Any weight on a string will work. When choosing a pendulum, remember to let it choose you, and you will know which one is right.

Each pendulum has it's own language as much as each person has their own way of communicating with a pendulum. Make sure to take time to get to know your pendulum and if you have more than one, you might want to consult more than one for accurate answers.

When talking to the pendulum, statements work better than questions in my experience. Be sure to concentrate on the statement and do not let your ideas of an answer enter your brain as that will be the answer you receive.

The pendulum can be used to get to know yourself on a very intimate level. Remember, what you think you know may not always be true, and the truth may not always be easy to deal with. If this frightens you, you may want to make sure to call upon protection before doing any sort of divination.

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