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Thursday, December 29


Just some curious thoughts rumbling around in my head today. Why do we hold a double standard from dressing in the clothes of a different gender? For example, if a man wears a skirt, it is still a skirt, but if a woman wears a kilt, now its a skirt. This occured to me when I was discussing with my male best friend and my boyfriend that I wanted a kilt. They both informed me that if I wore a kilt, it would just be a skirt. The annoyance here I am sure comes from years of seeing men's costumes and thinking how unfair it was that the coolest costumes could not be worn correctly by women. A tunic falls wrong for our build, so being a musketeer or a templar (since I am a RenFest geek) requires a complete re-tooling of the costume. I have since realized that I can deal with that, but it is the everyday clothing that I look at now. As a woman, I have realized I can wear almost anything with the understanding that there is nothing wrong with what I wear, other than it is not fashionable. I wear men's clothing all the time. But if a man goes out in women's clothes, it is odd and always commented upon. Perhaps I am making a too big of deal of something that isn't a deal at all. But to me, I see these fights for everyone to be equal and as a straight person, I have no right to complain. I am the one seen as normal. Is it bad that I want to be seen as different? Perhaps I just want the double standard removed.

Well that is just my little rant on differences for the day.

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