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Thursday, November 3

Kitchen Witchery Segment - Chocolate Apple Pie

I am going to skip defining a kitchen witch for now, and jump straight into a recipe I made last night.

Chocolate Apple Pie

Sliced apples (enough to fill your pie, this varies on apple size and size of pan)
Pie crust (I used frozen)
Chocolate chips

I find apples to be a wonderful way to celebrate fall/winter months to represent the bounty of the earth. In this instance, I used the apples to represent abundance and happiness. Do a layer of apples, I prefer thin sliced, and cover it with cinnamon and sugar. I used this to represent the comfort of home. Do two more layers of apples and cinnamon and sugar, then do a layer of chocolate chips. I recommend just making sure there is chocolate everywhere, but not coating the apples. Chocolate is the remedy to all ailments in this instance, to tie together the happiness and rest within the home. Do a few more layers of apples and sugar/cinnamon. Bake at 425 15 min until brown, then at 350 and additional 25 or until apples reach desired softness.

Feel free to use this however, just sharing my ideas. Ask any questions in the comments, and hope you like it as much as I did!


  1. I was familiar with the concept behind this post but it has reminded me of how I have never Reallllly put it into practice--thank you for the nudge! I love the symbolism for ingredients you mentioned--apples, cinnamon, chocolate. This is just the sort of thing I am hoping to learn better and incorporate into my daily life; by thinking of ingredients and "everyday" things in a symbolic and spiritual way, we are naturally, easily living more magickally. Very cool post--I am going to think about it and experiment with variations on this whole idea all week :)

  2. So glad this gave you a nudge in the right direction! I will be posting more in this same style, but I haven't been cooking much lately. With a little thought, anything you make can have that little touch of magic. Easy start is salt for grounding. I may do a post on uses of basic herbs....


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