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Friday, December 17

Defining Belief

I am taking some time now to finally write out for myself what it is I believe. Hopefully I will have the time to go into detail as to where I got ideas from or why I believe in the way I do. Because of this, I am starting to see the importance of reevaluating those things we believe in. There is nothing more important than knowing why we believe in the way we do. There is so much more to life then blindly believing something just because it was told to them. I grew up in an atmosphere where belief is fed to the next generation and we are expected to believe every bit of that information that was passed on. Question the Bible even when personal interpretation does not correspond with what you have been fed, and people will automatically jump on you for being wrong. When we learn to question that blind faith, sometimes we forget that questioning belief means we must question everything. All aspects of belief must be understood on a personal level, rather than just because we have been taught to believe it. Main point here – question everything. If there is a belief you haven’t looked at in awhile, maybe it is time.

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