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Saturday, July 17

It's been awhile

I apologize for the holes that keep appearing in this blog. I have
been stuck at home for a few months now and while I have been able to
pursue my ideas much more deeply without constant use of the computer,
it has made me pick my battles as to what I actually do online, and
sadly this fell by the wayside. Fear not however, I have learned a lot
this summer and have bigs plans for this blog in the future. I will be
moving on July 20th, so there may not be any posts until a few days
after that, but when I start back up for real, I want to outline
ritual and what I have come to think of it as welll as outline what I
have learned about the Tarot and divination in general from my free
time. Thanks for sticking with me and hope I get some comments for
ideas of things to explore!

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