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Thursday, June 3

Maybe I Should Try More

Okay, so I know I haven't posted in forever but now I am home again
for the summer and with my parents driving me batty of course I am
pouring myself into researching religion. If anyone knows and good
pagan/witchy sites or anything relating to any sort of mythology, the
help would be appriciated. I haven't done much, but will try to keep
updated here.

In other topics, my parents are always mad and I am afraid of the
negativity this is bringing into my life. I try to cleanse it (duel
action candles, white candles, and incense on my alter) but since I
can't do much as far as ritual here, I would like some tips.
Meditations, whatever internal magic, just something I can do easily
since even incense can only be done when my parents aren't in the
house. I will post what I find personally, but anything would be

Blessed be.

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