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Sunday, November 8


Today, it rains. The Goddess welcomes the God's nourishment and their union is continued.

I know I am not keeping up with this well, but I feel there is no point to write if the mood is not there. Then I would be writing about something no one wants to hear about.

So, since it's raining here, I am going to talk about my religious views on rain.

Rain surrounds the earth with the water element, bringing balance back to the world. I have found that rain is an awesome opportunity for meditation. The balance rain brings is a wonderful chance to find balance in my own body. Just going to my sacred space and talking to my animal guide or even just exploring the space the come to grips with my vision of reality is enough to keep me energized and fulfilled for sometimes weeks after.

Just wanted to share the wonder that rain brings my life. Hoping this helps anyone that actually reads....please follow and comment. Let me know I am not alone. What is your favorite way to relax and connect to the universe?


  1. Never thought of the rain that way sustains life but I suppose it is a wonderful representation of the union.

  2. Rain does make a nice environment for meditation. I must say that I'm not terribly good at the practice, being a typical gemini I have problems quieting my thoughts to a single point except in times of unusual clarity, but rain does seem to help me reach those clear moments.

    The drops and the temperature and the sound and the excitement(as in a south georgian thunderstorm) have always had thier effect on me. I have this great memory of a romp my two best friends and I had one summer afternoon because it began storming while we were in the pool. We danced in the pouring rain down the suburban streets, taking joy in our awkward adolescent bodies and the universe for giving us such things as unexpected rain storms, good friends, and bodies.

    Life can be really good to us even when it seems it's being ugly to us, and I think rain is a manisfestation of that. It can be harmful, but even in the wake of a storm positivity and room to grow are left behind.

  3. I completely agree. I always feel like I can feel the rain draining the negativity from me at the end of the day. It's a wonderful feeling.


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